In-Depth SEO Audit Services

SEO needs a solid foundation. Begin with a complete and highly detailed website audit.

SEO Audits to Separate You From Your Competition

SEO stands out as an indispensable element of your website’s success. An impressive 68% of all online journeys commence with a search engine, and when it comes to return on investment (ROI), SEO outperforms all other digital marketing services.

But getting SEO right isn’t straightforward. The best place to start when you build your SEO strategy for success? Gogetsol’s audit services. 

Our extensive SEO audits kick off with an in-depth exploration of your technical SEO landscape. We quickly pinpoint, address, and rectify any lingering SEO challenges, harnessing these insights to craft a tailored, cutting-edge SEO strategy for your business that guarantees results.

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Expert SEO Audits to Rocket Your Revenue

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Getting to the top of the search engine results pages doesn’t have to be complicated. Our SEO audit services are designed to rapidly identify the major issues with your website that can increase organic traffic to your site, offering the most comprehensive SEO audit on the market.

Our relationship begins with a discovery call with Mujahid Hussain, where we discuss your business, learn about the challenges you’re facing, and take a deep dive into your business’s SEO strategy.

Following this free consultation, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to take you through the process. We’ll perform our audit of your entire site’s SEO, looking for critical issues such as duplicate content, missing meta descriptions, and poor keyword placement.

Next, our team will deliver a thorough SEO audit report, designed to provide a detailed breakdown of our findings. Subsequently, we will initiate the optimization process for your website data and promptly address any SEO issues. This efficient approach ensures you’ll quickly witness the returns on your initial investment.

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Our Complete Professional SEO Audit Services Include

A full site content check

We thoroughly analyze every page of your website, we’ll let you know where on-page SEO and content could be improved, and we’ll highlight any errors and duplicate content. We will make sure your content is unique, and that you’re using the right target keywords.

A detailed behind-the-scenes analysis

From keywords to 404 errors and so much more, as part of our SEO auditing services we conduct a multitude of checks to ensure we pick up on any issues that could affect your SEO results. We ensure your site is built correctly for Google to properly index and rank it, including checking your website code and data.  

Site speed check

Attention spans are short online. Potential customers will soon go elsewhere if your site struggles to load for them. We’ll check how fast your site is running, to ensure that your visitors are enjoying a smooth and speedy experience. If it’s slow, we’ll work to improve your site speed and on-page SEO results.

User Experience Analysis

We’ll spend time using your website as a visitor would, pointing out any navigation issues or aspects of your site that may be confusing for your users. Our SEO experts find out exactly why these areas are falling short and create an action plan to make building user-friendly sites simple.

Backlink and External Links SEO Audits

Our experts conduct a full SEO audit of your backlink profile, assessing the quality of links. Then, we generate content and create backlinks that we know drive traffic to your site. Our incredible content creation team has connections throughout the internet, and our proven strategy helps you get your site in front of the best customers.

Competitor SEO analysis

In addition to a full SEO audit of your own website, our SEO team will also take a close look at your competitors to determine their SEO strategy. This is a useful benchmarking tool for developing our own industry-informed SEO strategy for your business and measuring up to your closest competition.

A detailed report

When our analysis is complete, we’ll compile a highly detailed audit document, covering all aspects of your comprehensive SEO audit — an in-depth measure of your SEO performance. Our reports are visually clear and appealing, ideal for presenting to your colleagues, and designed for intuitive understanding. We never use complex jargon or hide our work: we always ensure you’re kept in the loop.

Ideas for the next step

You’re not left on your own. Our comprehensive SEO audit services can help to increase organic traffic, boost your existing SEO strategy, and get your site high in the search engines. SEO audits are just the springboard for growing your business. There is a lot more to unlock the complete potential of your website.

SEO Audit Services You Can Trust. Guaranteed.

Gogetsol is the leading comprehensive SEO agency in the United States, helping businesses like yours perform in-depth SEO audits to boost organic traffic and increase your revenue. Our SEO audits are data-driven, and have been tried and tested on businesses like yours.

With a customer retention rate of 91% and a huge average ROI of 15x, our SEO auditing services are dedicated to optimizing your web pages and delivering incredible results to your bottom line. With over 100,000 students online learning our SEO audit techniques in multiple languages, plus high-profile customers, we’re Florida’s leading SEO professionals.

And if those reasons aren’t compelling enough to choose our services, consider this: We take pride in being the sole SEO firm that offers a guarantee. While many other SEO experts may make grand claims, they often fall short of delivering results because they lack confidence in their abilities. Our confidence in the effectiveness of our SEO audit is so unwavering that we back it up with a bold promise. If, within 90 days of a complete SEO campaign with us, your website isn’t on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords, we’ll continue working for you at no cost until you achieve that position.

We’ve had this guarantee in place since we started business, and we’ve not worked for free yet. Our website SEO audit services are second to none, and we promise that our SEO audit service will get you significant results in 90 days.

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SEO Audit FAQs

An SEO audit by Gogetsol is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s technical and content-related elements. This helps our expert identify any issues that may be hindering your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

Fundamentally, the purpose of an SEO audit is to assess your website’s compliance with search engine algorithms and provide our expert recommendations for improvement. Then, we help you optimize your website for SEO success, including optimizing content, fixing broken links, and improving your website speed and security. An SEO audit from Gogetsol can help your website’s SEO, helping your business perform better in search engine results, drive more organic traffic, and increase your overall visibility and credibility.

A technical SEO site audit is a comprehensive analysis of a website’s technical elements, aimed at identifying any technical issues that may be hindering its visibility and ranking on search engines. The purpose of a technical SEO audit service is to assess the website’s compliance with search engine algorithms, identify any technical barriers to crawling and indexing, and provide recommendations for improvement.

As well as technical SEO issues, a complete SEO audit by Gogetsol also looks at content, backlinking strategies and keyword research. Although technical SEO is crucial for improving your ranking, a professional SEO audit will take into account both on page SEO and off page SEO to create an informed strategy.

Is your website showing up on the first page when you Google search for your most relevant keywords? If not, do you know why?

An SEO audit is the first step to creating SEO strategies that set your business up for success. Our website SEO audit services can help your business do the following:

  1. Improve your website’s search engine visibility: Our SEO audit services can identify technical SEO and content-related issues that may be hindering your website’s ranking on search engines and provide recommendations for improvement.
  2. Stay up-to-date with best practices: Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and an SEO audit by our expert SEO team can help you ensure your website is following the latest best practices to get to the top of a Google search.
  3. Compete with other websites: An SEO audit can help you understand how your website stacks up against competitors and identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Drive more organic traffic: By improving your website’s search engine visibility and ranking, an SEO audit can help drive more organic traffic to your site.

Our SEO specialists come with a proven track record for improving your SEO.

An SEO audit service is an ongoing process.

Like a regular medical checkup, SEO audit services by Gogetsol will check out the health of your website, see how it’s ranking with the search engines, and give you some great ideas for how to improve your technical SEO and your on page SEO going forward. Your search engine rankings and keyword rankings change over time, so it’s highly beneficial to periodically repeat the SEO audit process and check your website’s performance.

Any business that wants to reach new customers through the internet can benefit from SEO audit services.

Our SEO audits and other SEO services are tailored to each individual company and no business is too large or too small. A technical audit can bring benefits to small home-based businesses as well as large multinational corporations looking to improve search engine results.

Basically put, if you want to score more highly with the search engines and you want more organic website traffic, SEO audits are the perfect starting point.

Once we’ve conducted our in-depth SEO audit, our team use this valuable information to improve your website’s performance.

Firstly, the results of the technical audit will be passed on to our expert web developer for implementation to improve both the on and off page SEO. We work hard to resolve the technical aspects, eliminating duplicate content and fine-tuning meta descriptions to ensure your SEO efforts bring you the best results. Our technical improvements will help your site reach your SEO goals.

Then, our content teams get to work optimizing your website’s content with accurate target keywords and keyword placement. Our bespoke techniques can be adapted for both large and small business websites as well as ecommerce sites, and our keyword research team makes sure we’re following a comprehensive strategy informed by your competitors.

Then, our SEO agency team begins a comprehensive backlinking strategy, helping increase your site’s authority from an SEO perspective and driving traffic.